Date / Place I

28 May 2021 Metallbau, Basel

Date / Place II

29 May 2021 Metallbau, Basel

Date / Place III

30 May 2021 Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich




Blanko 2021


Marco Papiro (*1975) “Vamos a la playa” (2021, WP, commission EPhB) Dragos Tara (*1976) “Escape Room #2” (2021, WP, commission EPhB)


Christoph Bösch
Toshiko Sakakibara
Nenad Marković
Janne Jakobsson
Maurizio Grandinetti
electric guitar
Samuel Wettstein
Friedemann Treiber
Aleksander Gabryś
double bass
João Pacheco
Thomas Peter
Christoph Stürchler
sound design

Program description

Our “Blanko” projects are already legendary. On the one hand, we have been performing in this self-invented format for well over ten years, and on the other hand, the unusually intensive nature of the collaboration and engagement with two artists per season unites us in a particularly intense bond. Consciously not coming from the usual curriculum of a composer’s training, we bring together lateral entrants, “sonic artists” in the broadest sense, visual artists with a clear musical affinity, etc., with our expert ensemble members for electronic or amplified music.

Marco Papiro – “Vamos a la playa” (WP 2021)

Marco Papiro is a Swiss-Italian graphic artist, multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer. Active as a solo artist since the 90s, he was part in the band “Mir” in company of Daniel Buess, whose posthumous last LP has just been released. Papiro’s music is imbued with a personal language, picturesque, mystical and at times humorous. “Vamos a la playa” is his first composition for ensemble.


Dragos Tara – “Escape Room #2” (WP 2021)

The musical work of the French-Swiss composer and double bassist Dragos Tara moves fluidly between composition and improvisation. His work is strongly influenced by the exploration of “game theory”, the questioning of traditional social rituals, and the possibilities of instrumental and physical extensions. The series “Escape Room”, for ensemble and video, plays with multiple forms of narration, such as those found in “gaming culture”. It takes ensemble and audience on an imaginary journey into a shared virtual world.