Date / Place I

16 September 2014 Theater Basel

Date / Place II

18 September 2014 Theater Basel

Date / Place III

24 September 2014 Theater Basel

Date / Place IV

25 September 2014 Theater Basel


music theatre




Fortunat Frölich (*1954) “Föhn – a cyclical weather game” music theatre by Christian Zehnder, Fortunat Frölich and Urs Widmer (2014, WP)


Susanne Elmark
Erik Oña
Christoph Bösch
flute, piccolo
Toshiko Sakakibara
clarinet, contrabass clarinet
Lucas Rößner
bassoon, contraforte
Max Asselborn
Heiner Krause
Tatiana Cossi
Stephen Menotti
David Yacus
Jürg Luchsinger
Maurizio Grandinetti
electric guitar
Daniel Buess
Helena Bugallo
Friedemann Treiber
Beat Schneider
Aleksander Gabryś
double bass

Program description

We all know it: suddenly a warm wind comes up and dries all the clouds from the sky. The mountains move closer together, everything seems closer, clearer, more beautiful, brighter and the sun shines in its massiveness: postcard magic!
The “Föhn” wind has its origin on the northern slopes of our mountains. It is loved and feared, longed for and cursed. It can be felt as far as the border runs in the north of our country, and the Swiss themselves even complain that it afflicts them, tormenting them with headaches, bone aches and pains of the soul. The Föhn belongs to the alpine world and to the alpine countries like the mountains themselves. It is deeply rooted in everyday life and a piece of distinctive identity, bringing sweet magic and devastating devastation. The “Föhn” is an archaic, cyclical weather and drama of the Swiss cultural landscape that has always helped shape its uniqueness. Surprisingly, one hardly finds this theme in the world of music and theater. Musician and director Christian Zehnder wants to remedy this situation: his interdisciplinary music theater project “Föhn” explores, laments and celebrates this phenomenon that is so quintessentially Swiss. Swiss author Urs Widmer has written especially for this project, the myth of the “Föhn” in the Swiss Alps, which is still unwritten in the alpine cultural landscape.

Carina Braunschmidt, Martin Hug, Hans Rudolf Twerenbold – actors
man’s choir (dir: Fritz Näf)

text: Urs Widmer
concept, direction, room concept: Christian Zehnder
co-composition: Christian Zehnder
choreographie: Theresa Rotemberg
costumes: Karen Feelizitas Petermann
sound: Amadis Brugnoni
lighting: Makus Küry