Support Ensemble Phoenix Basel and help us promote our artistic activities in Basel and beyond.

With your donation you will help us continue to perform on tours and festivals worldwide and give new music a unique voice.

Another important aspect of our work is commissioning young and aspiring composers. With your support, we can give these talented artists the opportunity to create new works and present them to a wide audience.

After many years in Basel’s Gare du Nord, we will be temporarily moving to a new rehearsal location, which will entail considerable costs for renovation and acoustic furnishings. An adequate space is of great importance for the quality of our work. With your donation you will help ensure that we have optimal conditions to continue to realise our musical vision.

Last but not least, another significant focus of our artistic work in recent years has been educational projects for children and teenagers. To achieve this, we have been consciously working in socially disadvantaged areas, where access to resources for artistic development is limited. It is important that the entire society participates in artistic discourse as it is an expression of its intellectual and emotional complexity, richness and diversity.

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