Date / Place

19 January 2017 Sala Suwnicowa Klubu Żak, Danzig


guest performance


New Music Days Gdansk


Thomas Peter (*1971) “Situation #1–3” musical adaptation of various field recordings for flute, double bass and electronics (2016/17, WP) Christoph Bösch (*1969) “Retromorph I” 4.1 Tape and video installation, (2016, WP) Katharina Rosenberger (*1971) “Portfolio” for bass flute and electronics (2012) Aleksander Gabryś (*1974) “ILINX” for double bass, bass flute and media (2016/17, WP)


Christoph Bösch
flutes, composer
Aleksander Gabryś
double bass, composer
Thomas Peter
electronics, composer
Christof Stürchler
sound design

Program description

For many years, EPhB has been a regular guest at various festivals in Poland. Thus, the ensemble performed several times at the festival “Warsaw Autumn” (2006 and 2013), at the “Laboratorium Festival” (2005) and in Katowice (2004) and in summer 2016 as Ensemble in Residence in Sokolowsko, a small but very significant festival with great international appeal.

The invitation for two concerts to Gdansk for the New Music Days are further proof that Ensemble Phoenix Basel has an important mediating role in a country in the area of tension between great musical tradition and a serious hunger for the new in politically complex times.

The limited means of the festival let us refrain from a large-scale project. Nevertheless, the two programs spring from artistic ideas that make EPhB special.

On the one hand, an existing work entitled “Portfolio – land – material – people” will be performed again. In a long lasting composition process the flutist Christoph Bösch and the live-electronics player Thomas Peter have dealt with composition cells and so-called vignettes of the Swiss composer Katharina Rosenberger and expanded their material together with her. Based on images by three Swiss photographers (Robert Frank, Christian Lichtenberg and Sarah Girard), the basic idea for this project was the interdisciplinary confrontation between image and sound, or rather the preoccupation with the relationship between the predominant sense of sight and the sense of hearing, which (too) often “suffers” under this in interdisciplinary projects.

On the other hand, three new compositions by Christoph Bösch, Aleksander Gabryś and Thomas Peter will be heard, which were created especially for the festival in Gdansk.

The dual function of the three musicians, who have been working together for many years, as composers and interpreters of their own works promises a special charm.