Date / Place I

16 September 2017 St. Alban valley, Basel

Date / Place II

12 November 2017 Lake in Prater, Wien


Phoenix, coproduction




Carola Bauckholt (*1959) “Der aufgefaltete Raum” for percussion and three distant percussionists (2014/2015) Yoav Chorev (*1989) “five for undo” room resonance for tuba, double bass, noises, teenagers and audience. installation (2017, WP) Elena Tarabanova (*1995) “Boundless” for flute and two percussionists (2017, WP) Roberta Lazo (*1991) “One Way Stream” for three percussionists (2017, WP) Jorge Gómez (*1986) “Tröpfeln” for trombone and four percussionists (2017, WP) Tobias Leibetseder (*1973) “Linien” sound installation with flute and percussion (2017, WP)


Christoph Bösch
flute, distant percussion
Kevin Austin
trombone, distant percussion
Janne Jakobsson
tuba, distant percussion
Daniel Stalder
Dean Georgeton
Bertrand Gourdy
Jérôme Lepetit
Aleksander Gabryś
double bass
Erik Oña
musical direction

Program description

EPhB had a central role in the mediation project “Waterways” as part of the biennial festival “ZeitRäume Basel” 2017. The initial idea came from the architect Raul Mera, who had long been interested in the hidden water veins that run underneath Basel’s city center. He was especially interested in hidden canals, such as the one that carries the waters of Birsig river from the zoo to Basels “Mittlere Brücke”. Raul’s concern was to make these water veins tangible, palpable and audible for the population. The project was based on a now 35-year-old project by Herzog & de Meuron, which was never implemented: fountains and open channels on the market square. The renowned German composer Carola Bauckholt and her composition class at the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz were enlisted for the musical elaboration. She realized this idea together with the EPhB and with students of Basel high school classes.

The project travelled as a co-production to Wien Modern and took place around and in (!) the lake at Prater.