How does my drawing sound? Did I draw loudly or softly? Why does my print sound different in blue than in red?

The children of the “Druckstelle Basel” explored these and other questions together with the musicians of the Ensemble Phoenix Basel during an autumn holiday week. The children took on the role of composers and realized their sonic ideas in the form of graphic scores. Graphic notation plays an important role in contemporary music, because many sonic ideas cannot be conveyed through traditional notation. Using experimental printing techniques, the children investigated the relationship between notation and sound in a reciprocal process with the musicians of the EPhB.

The result of this exploration are several compositions, which will be interpreted by the EPhB.

Experimental tape music in the classroom: Pupils of two primary school classes in Allschwil were together with musicians of EPhB on the hunt for sounds  and recorded their findings on tape. Framed by several solo pieces, interpreted by musicians of the EPhB, the eight small sound etudes, which the students composed in groups, were performed in the concert.

Sebastian Meyer – artistic and pedagogical direction
anne Jakobsson, Aleksander Gabrys, Francisco Olmedo, Lukas Rickli, Daniel Stalder – workshops support
Arev Imer, Christof Stürchler – audio design

Pupils of class 5h of the elementary school Allschwil with the teachers Géraldine Meier, Susanne Bitterli
Pupils of class 5f of the elementary school Allschwil with the teachers Brita Fuhrmann, Simone Salathé

Coproduction with ZeitRäume Basel